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Our customer’s receive consistent service from start to finish. We do our best to leave the stress out of the equation. Helping and assisting homeowners through the whole process with customer satisfaction above the rest. The final invoice isn't paid until customer is satisfied.

With decades of experience our crews are checked on and project inspected during the project and when the job is completed.  Areas we commonly address are:

New construction
Roof Management Systems
Sheet Metal, Fabrication & Installation
Architectural Metal, Fabrication & Installation
Energy Conservation Ideas

With the arrival of a new year, it is time to evaluate those roofing issues that have recently changed, as well as those that reflect long-term stability and durability.

How Much Insulation is Enough?
Recent studies suggests an asystematic approach to insulating new structures and retrofitting existing roof inventory.

Looking backwards, the oil embargo highlighted the sudden demand for energy conservation. A typical roof structure at that time was one with perhaps 3/4 to 1 inch of roof insulation, generally wood fiber, perlite, or glass fiber, with R-values around 3 per inch of thickness. On the West Coast, fiberglass underdeck batts with an R-value of 7 might be used.
Hybrid systems used perlite or glass fiber as a fire barrier, laminated to the desired thickness of newly introduced polyurethane foam. Today, we have reintroduced such systems using cover boards, usually of gypsum board.

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