Monday, March 20, 2017

Do I need a professional Inspection?

As a property owner dealing with potential damages to your property, the first step is to get a clear understanding of whether or not your property has been impacted.  Choose Roofing Professionals of Texas to examine your property. 

1.       You should have your property inspected by an insured, state registered contractor BEFORE you call your insurance company to adjust the property. After a major storm the insurance company is going to be flooded by claims. By having your property looked at by contractor who specializes in storm damage, you and the insurance claims adjuster will know that the damage is legitimate. Claims adjusters are very busy after a storm. They have very limited time to inspect each property, a preinspection helps the adjuster move quicker and get to their next appointment on time. A storm restoration professional should be on site to assist the adjuster in locating all the visible damage. This helps property owners get their repairs faster, because your property won’t be subject to time consuming reinspections when undocumented damage is discovered.

2.       Remember that all roofers are not the same. Although many claim to be storm damage experts, there are few who are willing to make the commitment to become true specialist. There are many unique factors that are involved in storm restoration work. One of the most important is being able to identify what hail, and wind damage looks like. This sounds simple, but storm damages can look like many different things. Hail damage for instance can look JUST LIKE nail pops, mechanical damages, or algae or moss that has fallen off. It takes a trained eye and sense of touch to understand the differences in different types of damages. Along with an understanding of damages, the person inspecting your property needs to understand your states insurance regulations, building codes and the requirements and guidelines of your insurance company for your specific area of the country. Many people are unaware that insurance companies have different coverage guidelines in different areas of the country. Combining knowledge of these regulations, along with the knowledge of exteriors construction is what allows for an accurate accounting of damages. This accounting is an integral piece in making your property whole again while using the proper tools, and materials in as short a time as possible.

Once a trained roofing professional has inspected your property, you now have the necessary information to move forward with confidence. With the unquestionable knowledge, experience, and expertise of UASRC contractors, you can be confident in the information and advice you receive and therefore be confident in the decisions you make regarding your property.

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