Friday, March 3, 2017

Summary Judgement GRANTED

So, its story time. A particular client, who will remain nameless, tried to scam us Easter of last year. Then, tried to play tough after she and her convicted child molesting common law POS husband tried to dispute the matter. That didn't last long. That particular client, who is crying broke, has 8 additional properties that are royalty locations for Oil and Gas. Meaning, she gets a royalty check every month from XTO Energy for them drilling on property she owns. I think Roofing Professionals of Texas will be in the oil and gas industry pretty soon. Energy Professionals of Texas has a nice ring to it. LOL. Anyway, it never pays to try and screw over people who try really hard to assist you in your time of need, considering that a large portion of our staff, (totaling 16 people) spent their entire Easter Sunday holiday at the clients home, as a holiday gift to the client. Forgoing our own holiday, religious and personal needs. By the way, Easter is on Sunday. So, we all worked on Easter, and on Sunday.
Then, it rained on Monday. However, on Tuesday, the clients common law husband contacted us and told us he has information that indicates that we installed second hand material on their roof. And that he wanted the ENTIRE roof torn off and replaced, free of charge. Oddly, we have photos and videos of the clients common law husband receiving the materials from the supplier. Not once, but twice. (We originally sent 3 tab to the home at their request, and he subsequently sent it back and requested an upgrade to architectural... part of the scam...) that he said he would pay the change order. Both deliveries were fully wrapped and palleted by the supplier. Direct from the manufacturer to supplier, supplier to the client. They paid the $7500 up front to keep us on the hook. This was a 65sq 10/12 roof in Arlington TX.
Mind you, its taken nearly a year to get it paid out, but, I NEVER GIVE UP. I am the most resilient and perseverant person you will ever meet. Both for a client, and unfortunately when the client tries to go south, against them. We at Roofing Professionals of Texas give our all to our consumer base, and when something goes wrong, we immediately address it. Also, when someONE goes wrong, we immediately address that too. As you can see below. This was today. If we help you and you try and screw us over, we will come after you and will not stop until the payment is satisfied in FULL. By the way, on Monday, the clients will be meeting with our attorneys to deposit the check. Or at least that's what they said today. I am kinda hoping that they don't. Ever since I was a little boy, I always wanted to be a J.R. Ewing kinda guy. This is unfortunate. Its even more unfortunate that people like this exist and prey on people like us. But hey, they found the right one.

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